Connecting Volosko, Opatija, Ičići, Ika and Lovran, famous Emperor Franz Joseph I. promenade (Lungomare), passes in front of our hotel. While walking this path, you will be told a story of Opatija's history and local peoples tradition, culture and life during the past. In addition to history, interested walkers can also become more acquainted with the richness of the coastal vegetation and the beneficial effects of the local climate. Alongside the Lungomare grow some beautiful specimens of plants and trees that are typical of the local area: the aromatic rock samphire thriving on the rocks right by the sea, evergreen holm oaks, several species of deciduous oaks, fragrant laurel, and evergreen pittosporum… The tops of these trees create a pleasant shade in summer; in bloom their flowers fill the air with fragrant scents. This famous promenade, from Volosko to Lovran, was completed in 1889, the same year that Opatija was officially declared a climatic health resort. All of that, and much more too – for, even one hundred years after its creation, the Lungomare still inspires us to walk along its beautiful stones and to discover some of its hidden secrets. Secrets which, who knows, might become part of your own Lungomare memories too. Enjoy in: relaxing walk unforgettable view on the open sea and islands nearby fresh sea air and a beautiful coastal landscape dotted with quaint coves idyllic experience romantic dinner on our restaurant's Bellevue terrace by the sea morning jog and recreation get to know local history and attractions richness of coastal vegetation and benefits of local micro climate architecture of luxurious villas


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